Weekly classes


Monday at Balanced Living

9:30 am-10.45 am Slow Align Flow. Mixed Levels.

In this class we move with the breath with fluidity and focus in a dynamic fun and continuous practice.

Monday at Balanced Living

8:00 pm-9:15 pm Hatha. Mixed Levels.

In these classes poses are adapted where necessary to suit your body, working poses in stages from basic to more advanced, caring for your body rather than forcing your body into poses.

Sarah also emphasises the psychological and spiritual benefits of Yoga and meditation weaving in philosophical themes, ancient Yogic teachings as well as modern-day poetry to help you live a more fulfilled and calmer life.

Tuesday at Apple inc

7.30am-8.30 Wake up and Flow
Apple employees only.

A 60 minute fun alignment based flow class at the One North campus. 

Tuesday at CIS

4:30 pm-5:30 pm Hatha. Canadian International School staff and teachers only. All levels.

Straight from your classroom/ library or office to your Yoga class!
In this Hatha class you will learn good pose alignment, gain a clearer understanding of the teachings of Yoga and meditation and truly wind down at the end of the busy school day.

Wednesday at Apple Inc.

11-12 am Vinyasa.
Apple employees only.

A 60 minute alignment based at the One North campus. A  Vinyasa class leading into a well deserved lunch. 

Thursday at Balanced Living

9:30 am-10.45 am Hatha basics/ level 1.

This is a great level 1 class if you are new to yoga, or if you’re someone who wants to go over the basics. It’s is also a perfect class if you are coming back to Yoga after a break.

You will be guided through the basics to get a thorough understanding of essential poses as well as the art and science of Yoga. Please feel free to join us for a coffee, juice or smoothie in the cafe downstairs after class. *Note this class books up quickly so save your space early.

Saturday morning 90 minute treat at Balanced Living

9.30 am-11.00 am Yin/Yang. Mixed Levels.

This is a fabulous 90 minute Yin/ Yang weekend set up class! Roughly half of this class is a combination of alignment based Hatha and strong slow flow. Both build up heat and strength in the body (Yang). We then change to the more meditative practice of Yin Yoga. Here you will hold passive floor poses for up to 5 minutes opening the deeper tougher connective tissues of your body.  

This method of Yoga brings more flexibility as we open these deep tissues. It also opens up the nadis (energy channels) and so enables a much smoother flow of prana around the entire body.

Sarah has such wonderful energy and always explains poses and transitions well. I like how she has a specific focus for each class, and guides us in a sequence of poses to lead us to a difficult pose.
I also appreciate the provision of modifications for each pose. Sarah radiates kindness; a perfect start to every Saturday!



Prices (in Singapore dollars) at Balanced living are

$32 for one class
$145 for 5 classes (6 week time limit)
$270 for 10 (12 week time limit)

Please pay Sarah either In person at class by cash or cheque. Transfers with PayLah or PayNow are also an option.

Private classes

Perhaps you're a complete beginner and would like to thoroughly learn the basics before joining a class?
Or do you want to really build up your intermediate practice and learn some of those tougher poses?
Or maybe studio classes times don't fit into your busy schedule?
Or perhaps you'd just like a one off or a group of three classes to address a particular issue you're working on.

Private Yoga lessons are tailor made to fit your needs.

$135 for 60 minutes
$390 for three 60 minute classes

Prices may increase depending on traveling time and distance.

Please contact me at for a chat and to book your class.

I have tried several Yoga classes over the years but always came away feeling that it “wasn’t for me”. However since I booked a package of one-to-one classes with Sarah my whole perception of Yoga has changed. Sarah’s teaching is excellent and nurturing. She is gentle with beginners but challenging enough to make sure I safely get the very best out of my body in each pose. I feel energised after each class and now feel brave enough to join one of her group classes! I can finally see why Yoga is so popular and wish I had found Sarah many years ago!