Strong alignment based Yoga in Bukit Timah expertly crafted with love and personalised attention.


Welcome to Sarah B Yoga!

Here you’ll find all the information you need about me and the wonderful classes and workshops I offer.

I’m one of the more experienced and well trained Yoga teachers based in Singapore and have been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga since 2007.

I was introduced to Yoga at school as a teen over 30 years ago and have been in love with the art and science of Yoga ever since.


I will teach you how to do Yoga poses properly and safely with good solid pose alignment, that fits with your body.

I will also teach you about the real essence of Yoga which is so often lost in modern day Yoga classes. The spiritual side of the practice:  How to bring not just physical strength and flexibility into your body but also resilience and serenity to your life.

My mission is to guide you to steadily find your balance and true self on and off the Yoga mat!
Our classes are a healthy balance between steady focus and hard work to warmth, lightness and humour.



As a bunch of Yoginis and Yogis we have fun too, encouraging each other through the tough times and celebrating all the victories along the way.

Classes are limited to 15 students to ensure you receive good guidance and care. Book your class.

This January 14th I’m offering an amazing workshop!  You’ll learn how to develop and keep a Yoga home practice AND how to bring other wonderful nurturing habits into your daily life.  Workshop Info


Here’s what two of my students say about our classes:

“I feel very lucky to have found Sarah as my yoga teacher and I have been attending regular classes with her for 3 years.
She stands out from other teachers I have tried here due to the diligence and care she takes with her students, her attention to keeping the lessons fresh and interesting and her ability to help you to understand yoga at a deeper level.
She is also a lovely person to be in a class with!”
– Helen Leeder  Hillcrest Student

 “Sarah is best yoga teacher I found, and I looked for a very long time!
Her classes are a great combination of strength, balance and flexibility. Seriously please go and try her classes, you will not be disappointed! I am a yoga teacher and have taught for 12 years and I love her classes!”

– Julie Collis  Yoga teacher.

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