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resilience, Grace and the Chakras.
APRIL 26-27 workshop

Friday and Saturday mornings 9.30am-12pm BALANCED LIVING, Bukit Timah.

Take your Yoga practice further and learn the healing, strengthening and nurturing powers of the Chakras.
On this 2 day workshop both days can be attended or Friday or Saturday as single days. Learn about how the lower Chakras can increase our Resilience and the upper Chakras connect us to our Grace.


Unplug and recharge Telunas indonesia
Next date to be announced

As you step off the boat you disconnect from the stress of everyday life. Unplug and recharge, do great Yoga and be with wonderful people.

Would you love to relax on this beach gently swinging in a shaded hammock as you read the book you've been dying to get to for months? Or perhaps just gaze out to sea letting your eyes rest on the horizon?


Yoga for resilience and Grace
chiang mai, thailand
SeptEmber 11-15 2019

Would you like to learn how to strengthen your inner resilience and bring more Grace into your life?

This Yoga, meditation and relaxation retreat in Chiang Mai is about connecting to yourself as well as with like minded people. You’ll also build your up your Yoga practice, your inner strength, Grace and calm. You'll also eat the best Thai food of your life!


Sarah Barguirdjian

I understand that Yoga needs to be learnt safely and steadily and taught with compassion and intelligence.

I am an experienced, highly trained Yoga teacher and have been teaching Yoga classes, workshops and retreats since 2006.


I teach regular workshops and retreats in Singapore and beyond.
Yoga studio managers, retreat or festival organisers looking for a fabulous guest teacher, please contact us at info@sarahbyoga.net for Sarah's professional bio page and a full description of her latest workshop and retreat offerings.  

As an ambassador for Pineapple clothing I’m happy to offer 20% off all their gorgeous Yoga wear. Just use the discount code sarbar at checkout.


I teach weekly 75 and 90 minute Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa classes in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

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Classes in Singapore, Workshops and Retreats Worldwide

Sarah’s a very good teacher - she has great charisma, gives clear instructions and stresses the importance of good safe alignment in postures. I always leave her classes feeling energized and uplifted- despite the aching muscles!