Sarah and Yoga


What Yoga means to me


I have been practising Yoga since I was 15 and have taught full time since 2006.
I want to pass on all that experience to help others lead the most fulfilling life available to them.
I want to ignite a zest in you through Yoga, for living life with more purpose and poetry.

As someone who has struggled deeply with challenges in my own childhood, mothering, marriage and over 20 years of expat living in 5 countries, I strive to demonstrate kindness, resilience and above all a love of life.
Yoga helps us to accept and negotiate the obstacles in life and to coax in more grace, gratitude and love.

I practice Yoga when life feels wonderful, joyous and easy. I also practice when life is tedious, pain and hurt loom and when crisis hits.

The physical benefits of Yoga are evident and outstanding. 

What excites me more is witnessing how your life can be transformed by Yoga. 
Yoga gives us the tools to see and accept the work that needs to be done to change what isn’t working within us.
Yoga also helps us love the good in ourselves and to see it and bring it out in the people around us.


Training and experience

I've done thousands of hours of teacher trainings and am registered at the highest level with Yoga Alliance US as a E-RYT500 teacher.
I’m also registered with the Independent Yoga Network, UK.

Other certified trainings have been with Sarah Powers in Yin/ Yang Yoga and with Judith Lasater in restorative Yoga.

I am also a certified children's Yoga instructor and have training in myofascial release.
I am an advanced registered Thai massage therapist and have completed numerous courses in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.

I continue to study as a teacher of Yoga with Noah Maze, Christina Sell and Desiree Rumbaugh and have also attended teacher training courses with Carlos Pomeda, Sienna Sherman, Tara Judelle and Ross Rayburn.

I have also completed an extensive course in Positive Psychology with the University of South Carolina and the 8 week Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction intensive created by Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

I love continuing learning through Yoga related academic avenues especially courses linking eastern philosophy and western psychology. I am voracious reader and perpetual student.

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Whenever relevant, I weave all this knowledge as well as my own life experience into my Yoga teaching.
I teach Yoga poses in stages.
Every pose can be made less challenging or more advanced so that all levels of students have something to work with.
I plan a year long curriculum and within each week focus on different teachings and themes, poses and challenges so that over a few months of weekly attendance everyone builds a good solid understanding of Yoga.

I weave in elements of teachings from the wonderful stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the modern take on mindfulness to more classical meditation as well as humour, poetry and positive psychology.

All this with down to earth practical life relevance, a few jokes and my own personal stories of learning.

Come and join us for a class, a workshop or a retreat!
I’d love to meet you and be your Yoga guide.

I am married and am the mother of two gorgeous boys aged 18 and 12. I was born in London, left the UK in early ‘90s and have since lived and worked in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain and now Singapore.
I am available to teach in English and Spanish.

I'm a keen observer and writer on all things Yoga and have been published in various magazines and am the Singapore editor at
I am also a Pineapple clothing ambassador. For 20% off all their Yoga and other gorgeous clothes, use the code sarbar at checkout from their website at

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