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Build your Foundation to Fly

  • Balanced Living 779 Bukit Timah Road Singapore, 269758 Singapore (map)

The foundation of a mega city skyscraper must be stable enough to hold that amazing revolving restaurant at the top.

Likewise, we need a solid, true base in order to build up and complete a pose that is stable, therapeutic and holds ease.

In this workshop we’ll be calling in teachings from the 7 chakras to learn how even strength and flexibility within the lower body is fundamental in establishing poses, especially standing poses, before travelling up the body building a pose to completion.

The upper body can’t be balanced and aligned if the lower body isn’t established and supporting. As too, the upper chakras can’t be properly balanced and healthy if the lower ones aren’t stable and aligned.

The first Chakra at the base of the body is about belonging, stability, rooting down and grounding.

As we rise up through the chakras, the teachings become more mental and spiritual. Moving up to power and will, to compassion, communication, intuition and consciousness- making a complete person within and of the universe.

Building on the awareness of our foundation we’ll be moving up the spine and the chakras to the shoulders, upper back, next and head to completing poses. Adding elegance, mobility, softness as well as the right amount of engagement to complete the poses.
Strength. Balance. Poise.
To create the perfect icing on the cake, and a few bright candles too.

Expect a wonderful learning experience as I guide you through a whole families of poses with variations for the beginner to the more advanced Yogi.
I will guide your awareness to the more mindful and spiritual aspect of Yoga, completing our workshop in a blissful guided chakra mediation and a pranayama (movement of energy with the breath) practice.

This is a workshop with a holistic based practice being our big emphasis. Physical, mental, spiritual and breath based.
I’ll be keeping it simple and fun with stories and plenty of explanations and demonstrations.

Join us on the path to wholeness!

This workshop is $95

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